in memoriam Ina Klaasen

On Sunday August 2nd 2015, while on holidays in Italy, our board chair Ina Klaasen passed away. She was 68 years of age.

Ina was a retired Associate Professor at the Section of Spatial Planning and Strategy at the Department of Urbanism of the TU Delft. After her retirement she remained a very active and concerned person, both in her private and public life. She did so despite struggling with severe illness in her mid sixties from which she recovered but remained somewhat frail.

At the Department of Urbanism, she coached a number of PhD candidates. As chairperson of our board, she worked hard to help achieve our foundation’s goals. Ina always took a very personal approach and a genuine interest in those around her – seeing the person and not the label he or she had been issued with. Through her formal and informal activities she was very successful at connecting people using her special mix of enthousiasm, commitment and quirky humor.


As fellow board members and friends, we deeply appreciate everything she did for us and together with us. She will remain in our hearts and minds.

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